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在全国范围内, most students attending a public university take an average of six years to graduate, 成本估计为46美元,000美元额外学费和90美元,损失的工资. 在基督教社会联盟, you’ll be able to take advantage of our student-focused initiatives to keep you on track to graduation while preparing you to thrive in your career. 


Our tuition is made even more affordable through a range of scholarships. 除了, CSU even has an Honors Program that covers full tuition for four years, plus several other merit-based awards that range between $2,000年和8美元,每年500.


有经济需要的学生, as determined by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), 是否有资格获得CSU的资助. In order to be considered for loans and grants, students must complete the FAFSA. 的 application opens every year on October 1 and is available now at fafsa.ed.政府. 这是快速、简单和免费的!

有关完成FAFSA的详细信息,请单击 在这里.


We’re one of Ohio’s most competitively priced universities. 现在,多亏了 基社盟的保证, you’ll be better positioned to manage the costs associated with completing your degree because our rates are guaranteed for four years for new freshmen beginning Fall 2018. 的 program also applies to eligible new undergraduate transfer students — the transfer guarantee period is a proportional period of time based on the student’s transferrable credits.

联系 校园411 All-in-1 招收ment Services at 216.687.5411 or allin1@csuohio.edu 的更多信息.  


CSU freshmen can get up to 50 percent off yearly tuition with our "2-for-1" Tuition Promise. If you enroll at CSU as a new first-time freshman and successfully complete Fall Semester 2021 with a cumulative GPA of 3.0或更好的, Spring Semester 2022 tuition will be taken care of after other financial aid has been applied. 所以,春季学费由CSU支付!

For eligibility requirements and more information, click 在这里.


除了EA真人APP的优秀奖学金, t在这里 are several donor-specific and other scholarships available. 看到 可用奖学金的完整列表 以及如何申请的说明. 


We charge the same tuition for 18 credit hours as we do for 12. This means you can take up to six three-credit courses for the same cost as four — a savings of more than $2,每学期500. +, by taking additional credit hours each semester you can position yourself to graduate ahead of schedule, shaving even more off the cost of your four-year degree. 


We understand that you have real-life obligations like work and family. We make it easier to align your class schedule with other obligations through multi-term registration, which lets you secure your schedule for the entire academic year at once. 获取常见问题的答案 关于multi-term登记. 


不要被必修课拒之门外. 与需求登记, you’ll have an opportunity to be placed on a waitlist and alerted as soon as a spot opens or another class section is added. 


CSU’s Academic Advising Office provides a supportive atmosp在这里 that empowers you to develop and implement educational strategies that are consistent with your values, 目标与职业规划. 近年来, a focus on freshman success — complete with intensive advising, extra support for those in remedial courses and a focus on monitoring attendance — has resulted in higher GPAs, more credits earned and better academic standing for CSU freshmen and transfer students.


We make it easy to monitor your academic progress with our online advising tool that lets you work with your academic advisor to plan your schedule, 注册课程并完成学位. You’ll track your progress in meeting the requirements in three of the main components that make up any degree at CSU: university, 大学,主要/次要. CSU’s tool outlines each requirement and shows the courses that you’ve taken that meet the requirement while allowing you to instantly see a list of courses that can be used to satisfy any incomplete requirements.



On average, our graduates enjoy a $10K salary boost. According to the Brookings Institution, the mid-career salaries of CSU grads are 14.9% higher than similar graduates from other Ohio colleges and universities. 


  • CSU学生中心的照片

    这个138000平方英尺 学生客厅 校园书店在哪里, 学生俱乐部办公室, 通勤休息室, 游戏的房间, 计算机实验室, 多个餐馆, 一个舞厅和更多!

  • Photo of the sign for the offices of enrollment services at CSU

    Everything you need for a smooth enrollment process is right 在这里. EA真人APP的曝晒 All-in-1 专业人士可以通过经济援助帮助你, 登记, 招生, 学生纪录及学生帐目.

  • Photo of the CSU 资深学生成功计划 offices

    资深学生成功计划 有600多名退伍军人参加了CSU, 为所有退伍军人提供一系列服务, serving military personnel and military family members. We help ease the transition from military to college life through admissions assisting and counseling, 学术顾问, 弗吉尼亚州福利咨询, 辅导和更多. 

  • CSU学生接受咨询的照片

    Accredited by the International Association of Counseling Services Incorporated (IACS), CSU’s 咨询中心 为学生提供广泛的服务, including counseling and training on various topics, from interpersonal communication and testing anxiety to stress reduction and managing a chronic illness.  

  • CSU学生聚集在休息区的照片

    We provide individualized accommodations to students who may be facing a number of challenges, from learning disabilities and chronic health issues to attention deficit disorders and visual impairments. 所有的住宿经历 残疾人服务 are designed to ensure students have equal access to and participation in the CSU community.